Quelle est la traduction en allemand d'un mot ou d'une expression? Ma traduction est-elle correcte? Merci de préciser le contexte autant que possible...
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17.05.2013 05:04:26

limitless tattoo?

de squid.phillips
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Inscription: 17.05.2013 05:01:46
i wanted to get a tattoo that would translate to "limitless" as in "i am limitless/boundless" or "a person without limits". i'm terrified of getting a tattoo that i think means one thing, yet makes no sense to someone who knows the language. can anyone help me out?
17.05.2013 09:38:25

Re: limitless tattoo?

de muffa05
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Inscription: 07.03.2013 11:17:54
limitless means 'grenzenlos', but I don't know exactly what you want to express with that :lol:

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