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de Manni89
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Dear Sir or Madam


Thank you for your quotation and the catalogue which we received under separate cover.

As some of your products seem to fit our line we would like to place the following trial order:

40 picnic baskets: $ 29.00 per unit
50 gardening sets: $ 19.90 per unit
We understand that you grant an introductory discount of 10 % on these prices.
Payment will be made by bank transfer with 30 days after receipt of invoice.
Delivery should be executed by 4 March at the latest. Insurance is to be covered by you.

We trust that our order will be executed carefully and that the quality of the goods will meet our expectations.

Please acknowledge this order by return and inform us if there is any delay in delivery.

Yours faithfully
... GmbH


Purchasing Department
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