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BOGOTÁ: Has morning and evening newspapers representing the major political parties. All are government controlled. Dailies include El Tiempo (www.eltiempo.com), El Espectador (www.elespectador.com), and La República.
BUENOS AIRES: Morning papers of long standing and of national importance are: La Prensa, La Nación (www.lanacion.com.ar), the country's oldest, The Buenos Aires Herald (www.buenosairesherald.com), The Standard, the oldest English-language newspaper, and Clarín (www.clarín.com), a morning daily. La Razón and La Crónica come out in the evening.
CARACAS: has a wide press service. The most important dailies are El Nacional (www.el-nacional.terra.com.ve), El Universal (www.eud.com), Últimas Noticias, La Religión, and La Verdad (www.laverdad.com), all appearing in the afternoon, and the evening newspapers El Meridiano, El Mundo, El Globo, and Extra. There is also an English-language daily, The Daily Journal.
HAVANA: Has three dailies. The best known is Granma(www.granma.cubaweb.cu), official newspaper of the Cuban Communist Party. Trabajadores is published by the Cuban trade union movement, and the more lively Juventud Rebelde is aimed at a younger readership.
LIMA: has a dozen daily newspapers. El Comercio (www.elcomercioperu.com), founded in 1939, is Peru's oldest newspaper. Ojo, a morning newspaper, has the largest circulation. El Peruano (www.editoraperu.com) is the official state gazette, and Expreso is the leading opposition daily.
MEXICO CITY: Has twenty dailies. The morning daily Excelsior (www.excelsior.com.mx), established in 1917, is often considered the nation's best and one of the most important newspapers of the Spanish-speaking world. La Jornada is another important daily, and there is an English-language daily, The News.
MONTEVIDEO: The British, who occupied the city in 1807, published the first newspaper in the capital, The Southern Star. The city has had newspapers ever since, representing the views of all political parties and factions.
SANTIAGO DE CHILE: There are almost a dozen newspapers. The most important dailies are El Mercurio (www.elmercurio.cl), founded in 1900, La Nación, and La Tercera (www.tercera.cl).

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Traductions de 1900 dans le dictionnaire anglais»espagnol

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