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I.take <past took, past part taken> [Am teɪk, Brit teɪk] VERBE trans

1.1. take (to carry):

2.1. take (to escort):

2.2. take (to bring along):

3.1. take (to grasp, to seize):

8. take medicine/drugs:

10.2. take (to tolerate, to endure):

11.1. take (to understand, to interpret):

13. take (of time):

14. take (to need):

16. take (to accept):

17.2. take (to admit):

18.1. take train/plane/bus:

18.2. take road/turning:

19.1. take:

II.take <past took, past part taken> [Am teɪk, Brit teɪk] VERBE intr

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take for VERBE [Am teɪk -, Brit teɪk -] (v + o + prep + o)

1.1. shape C (visible form):

2. shape U (guise):

3. shape U (condition, order):

offense, offence Brit [Am əˈfɛns, Brit əˈfɛns] SUBST

liking [Am ˈlaɪkɪŋ, Brit ˈlʌɪkɪŋ] SUBST

1. liking (fondness):

1.1. heart ANAT:

1.2. heart (nature):

1.3. heart (inmost feelings):

2.1. heart (compassion):

2.2. heart (love, affection):

2.3. heart (enthusiasm, inclination):

3. heart (courage, morale):