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I.on [Brit ɒn, Am ɑn, ɔn] PRÉP When on is used as a straightforward preposition expressing position ( on the beach, on the table) it is generally translated by sur: sur la plage, sur la table; on it is translated by dessus: there's a table over there, put the key on it = il y a une table là-bas, mets la clé dessus.
on is often used in verb combinations in English ( depend on, rely on, cotton on etc.). For translations, consult the appropriate verb entry ( depend, rely, cotton on etc.).
If you have doubts about how to translate a phrase or expression beginning with on ( on demand, on impulse, on top etc.) consult the appropriate noun or other entry ( demand, impulse, top etc.).
This dictionary contains usage notes on such topics as dates, islands, rivers etc. Many of these use the preposition on. For the index to these notes .
For examples of the above and further uses of on, see the entry below.

1. on (position):

3. on (on or about one's person):

4. on (about, on the subject of):

6. on (in expressions of time):

11. on (indicating a medium):

1. on (taking place, happening):

2. on (being broadcast, performed, displayed):

3. on (functional, live):

1. on (on or about one's person):

IV.on [Brit ɒn, Am ɑn, ɔn] on and off, a. off and on ADV

on → get

Voir aussi : turn on, try, tranquillizer, top, tie, switch on, slap, sew, screw, rely, read, put, press, PIN, pill, pep pill, pat, overtime, odds, now, move, live2, live1, lip-read, later, late, jump, impulse, house, hour, horseback, hit, hang, grant, go, get, garlic press, foot, expense, DOT, dole, direct hit, depend, demand, credit, cotton on, cider press, carry, antibiotic

II.turn on VERBE [Brit təːn -, Am tərn -] (turn on [sth], turn [sth] on)

III.turn on VERBE [Brit təːn -, Am tərn -] (turn [sb] on, turn on [sb] inf)

I.try <pl tries> [Brit trʌɪ, Am traɪ] SUBST

1. try (attempt):

II.try <pl tries> [Brit trʌɪ, Am traɪ] VERBE trans <prét, part passé tried>

1. try (attempt):

2. try (test out):

III.try <pl tries> [Brit trʌɪ, Am traɪ] VERBE intr <prét, part passé tried>

1. try (make attempt):

tranquillizer, tranquilizer Am [Brit ˈtraŋkwɪlʌɪzə, Am ˈtræŋkwəˌlaɪzər] SUBST

1. top (highest or furthest part):

2. top (highest echelon, position) fig:

1. top (highest):

3. top (leading):

IV.top <part prés topping; prét, part passé topped> [Brit tɒp, Am tɑp] VERBE trans

3. tie (link):

II.switch on VERBE [Brit swɪtʃ -, Am swɪtʃ -] (switch on [sth], switch [sth] on)

1. slap:

slap → slap bang

III.slap <part prés slapping; prét, part passé slapped> [Brit slap, Am slæp] VERBE trans

1. slap (hit):

I.sew <prét sewed; part passé sewn, sewed> [Brit səʊ, Am soʊ] VERBE trans