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upon → on

Voir aussi : on

I.on [Brit ɒn, Am ɑn, ɔn] PRÉP When on is used as a straightforward preposition expressing position ( on the beach, on the table) it is generally translated by sur: sur la plage, sur la table; on it is translated by dessus: there's a table over there, put the key on it = il y a une table là-bas, mets la clé dessus.
on is often used in verb combinations in English ( depend on, rely on, cotton on etc.). For translations, consult the appropriate verb entry ( depend, rely, cotton on etc.).
If you have doubts about how to translate a phrase or expression beginning with on ( on demand, on impulse, on top etc.) consult the appropriate noun or other entry ( demand, impulse, top etc.).
This dictionary contains usage notes on such topics as dates, islands, rivers etc. Many of these use the preposition on. For the index to these notes .
For examples of the above and further uses of on, see the entry below.

1. on (position):

3. on (on or about one's person):

4. on (about, on the subject of):

6. on (in expressions of time):

11. on (indicating a medium):

1. on (taking place, happening):

2. on (being broadcast, performed, displayed):

3. on (functional, live):

1. on (on or about one's person):

IV.on [Brit ɒn, Am ɑn, ɔn] on and off, a. off and on ADV

on → get

wait upon → wait on

Voir aussi : wait on

I.wait on VERBE [Brit weɪt -, Am weɪt -] (wait on) Brit dial

II.wait on VERBE [Brit weɪt -, Am weɪt -] (wait on [sb])

III.wait on VERBE [Brit weɪt -, Am weɪt -] (wait on inf [sb/sth])

Voir aussi : call on

4. call on (appeal to, resort to):

I.prevail upon VERBE [Brit prɪˈveɪl -, Am prəˈveɪl -] (prevail upon [sb])

I.enter upon VERBE [Brit ˈɛntə -, Am ˈɛn(t)ər -] (enter upon [sth])

upon dans le dictionnaire PONS

Traductions de upon dans le dictionnaire anglais»français

Voir aussi : on

2. on (in contact with):

1. on (not off):

2. on (happening):

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