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Traductions de auriez-vous dans le dictionnaire anglais»français

I.goodness [Brit ˈɡʊdnəs, Am ˈɡʊdnəs] SUBST

II.goodness [Brit ˈɡʊdnəs, Am ˈɡʊdnəs] INTERJ a. goodness gracious

III.goodness [Brit ˈɡʊdnəs, Am ˈɡʊdnəs]

I.kindly [Brit ˈkʌɪndli, Am ˈkaɪn(d)li] ADJ

II.kindly [Brit ˈkʌɪndli, Am ˈkaɪn(d)li] ADV

1. chance (opportunity):

2. chance (likelihood):

II.chance [Brit tʃɑːns, Am tʃæns] ADJ attr

1. kind (sort, type):

2. kind (expressing vague classification):

kind inf:

IV.kind [Brit kʌɪnd, Am kaɪnd] ADJ (caring, helpful)

2. such → suchlike

1. such (of kind previously mentioned):

IV.such [Brit sʌtʃ, Am sətʃ] ADV (to a great degree)

Voir aussi : suchlike, as

I.suchlike [Brit ˈsʌtʃlʌɪk, Am ˈsətʃˌlaɪk] inf PRON

II.suchlike [Brit ˈsʌtʃlʌɪk, Am ˈsətʃˌlaɪk] inf ADJ

1. as (in the manner that):

2. as (showing function, status):

1. as (expressing degree, extent):

would <nég wouldn't> [Brit wʊd, wəd, Am wʊd, wəd, (ə)d] VERBE modal a. 'd When would is used with a verb in English to form the conditional tense, would + verb is translated by the present conditional of the appropriate verb in French and would have + verb by the past conditional of the appropriate verb: I would do it if I had time = je le ferais si j'avais le temps; I would have done it if I had had time = je l'aurais fait si j'avais eu le temps; he said he would fetch the car = il a dit qu'il irait chercher la voiture.
For more examples, particular usages and all other uses of would see the entry below.

1. would (in sequence of past tenses, in reported speech):

2. would (in conditional statements):

3. would (expressing willingness to act):

5. would (expressing desire, preference):

6. would (in polite requests or proposals):