avant-dernier dans le dictionnaire Oxford-Hachette

Traductions de avant-dernier dans le dictionnaire français»anglais (Aller à anglais»français)

Traductions de avant-dernier dans le dictionnaire anglais»français (Aller à français»anglais)

I.penultimate [Brit pɪˈnʌltɪmət, Am pəˈnəltəmət] SUBST LING

II.penultimate [Brit pɪˈnʌltɪmət, Am pəˈnəltəmət] ADJ

1. last (final):

2. last (of series):

1. last (final):

3. last (describing past time):

4. last (most unlikely):

1. last (extend in time):

I.but [Brit bʌt, bət, Am bət] ADV (only, just)

Voir aussi : if, all-important, all-embracing, all-consuming, all

I.if [Brit ɪf, Am ɪf] CONJ If is almost always translated by si, except in the case of a very few usages which are shown below.

1. if (in the event that, supposing that):

5. if (although, accepting that):

1. all (everything):

2. all (the only thing):

3. all (everyone):

5. all (emphasizing unanimity or entirety):

1. all (each one of):

2. all (the whole of):

1. all (emphatic: completely):

2. all (in the highest degree) → all-consuming