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Traductions de ci-dessous dans le dictionnaire français»anglais (Aller à anglais»français)

ci-dessous [sidəsu] ADV

Traductions de ci-dessous dans le dictionnaire anglais»français (Aller à français»anglais)

I.undermentioned [Brit ʌndəˈmɛnʃ(ə)nd, ˈʌndəmɛnʃ(ə)nd, Am ˌəndərˈmɛn(t)ʃənd] SUBST

II.undermentioned [Brit ʌndəˈmɛnʃ(ə)nd, ˈʌndəmɛnʃ(ə)nd, Am ˌəndərˈmɛn(t)ʃənd] ADJ

I.below [Brit bɪˈləʊ, Am bəˈloʊ] PRÉP When below is used as a preposition to talk about the physical position of something, it is most often translated by au-dessous de: the apartment below mine = l'appartement au-dessous du mien; below the knee = au-dessous du genou.
The most notable exceptions are for the expressions below the ground and below the surface, when sous is used: sous le sol, sous la surface.
For other prepositional uses of below and for adverbial uses see the entry below.

1. below (under):

2. below (less than: in quantity, degree etc):

6. below (unworthy of) → beneath

II.below [Brit bɪˈləʊ, Am bəˈloʊ] ADV

Voir aussi : beneath

I.beneath [Brit bɪˈniːθ, Am bəˈniθ] PRÉP When used as a preposition (= under), beneath is translated by au-dessous de: beneath his feet = au-dessous de ses pieds. When used as an adverb, beneath is translated by en dessous: the trees beneath = les arbres en dessous. For particular and figurative usages see below.

II.beneath [Brit bɪˈniːθ, Am bəˈniθ] ADV

I.under [Brit ˈʌndə, Am ˈəndər] PRÉP When under is used as a straightforward preposition in English it can almost always be translated by sous in French: under the table = sous la table; under a sheet = sous un drap; under a heading = sous un titre.
under is often used before a noun in English to mean subject to or affected by ( under control, under fire, under oath, under review etc.). For translations, consult the appropriate noun entry ( control, fire, oath, review etc.).
under is also often used as a prefix in combinations such as undercooked, underfunded, underprivileged and undergrowth, underpass, underskirt. These combinations are treated as headwords in the dictionary.
For particular usages, see the entry below.

Voir aussi : review, oath, fire, control [Brit rɪˈvjuː, Am rəˈvju] SUBST

1. review:

1. oath LAW: [Brit ˈfʌɪə, Am ˈfaɪ(ə)r] SUBST

4. fire U (shots): [Brit ˈfʌɪə, Am ˈfaɪ(ə)r] INTERJ

I.control [Brit kənˈtrəʊl, Am kənˈtroʊl] SUBST

1. control U (domination):

3. control U (physical mastery):

II.control <part prés controlling; prét, part passé controlled> [Brit kənˈtrəʊl, Am kənˈtroʊl] VERBE trans [Brit hɪə, Am hɪr] ADV When here is used to indicate the location of an object/point etc close to the speaker, it is generally translated by ici: come and sit here = viens t'asseoir ici.
When the location is not so clearly defined, is the usual translation: he's not here at the moment = il n'est pas là pour l'instant.
Remember that voici is used to translate here is when the speaker is drawing attention to an object/a place/a person etc physically close to him or her.
For examples and particular usages, see entry below.

1. here (indicating place):

2. here (to draw attention):

3. here (indicating presence, arrival):

Voir aussi : here and now

1. note (written record):

1. note (observe):

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Traductions de ci-dessous dans le dictionnaire français»anglais (Aller à anglais»français)

Traductions de ci-dessous dans le dictionnaire anglais»français (Aller à français»anglais)

undermentioned [ˌʌndəˈmenʃnd, Am -dɚˈ-] ADJ Brit form

Voir aussi : over

3. over (across):

5. over (more than):