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I . eye [aɪ] SUBST


to catch sb's eye , to clap , [or lay] , [or set] eyes on sb/sth fam
to have an eye for the main chance Brit, Aus fam
to make eyes at sb fam
to be one in the eye for sb Brit fam
ein Schlag ins Kontor [o. A, CH Gesicht] für jdn sein fam
an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth prov
[bei etw dat ] beide Augen [o. ein Auge] zudrücken fig fam

I . ˈbull's eye SUBST

2. bull's eye (shot):

3. bull's eye (circular pane):

bull's eye NAUT

4. bull's eye GASTR:

II . ˈbull's eye INTERJ fig

ˈcat's eye SUBST

1. cat's eye (stone):

Chalzedon m fachspr

2. cat's eye Brit, Aus:

com·pound ˈeye SUBST ZOOL

elec·tric ˈeye SUBST ELEC

eye up VERBE trans fam

2. eye up (look at with desire):

to eye up sb/sth

3. eye up (look at covetously):

to eye up sb

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