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well-ˈturned ADJ inv

1. well-turned (of speech act):

2. well-turned dated (shapely):

angle turned through

Vocabulaire de spécialité

I . turn [tɜ:n, Am tɜ:rn] SUBST

6. turn (odd sensation, shock):

Schreck[en] m

7. turn (feeling of queasiness):

Anfall m

8. turn (performance on stage):

Nummer f

12. turn (round in coil, rope):

17. turn (cooked perfectly):

18. turn no pl (card in poker game):

the turn Am

II . turn [tɜ:n, Am tɜ:rn] VERBE trans

III . turn [tɜ:n, Am tɜ:rn] VERBE intr

6. turn (attain particular age):


to turn on a dime Am
to turn tattle-tail Am usu childspeak fam
petzen fam
to turn tattle-tail Am usu childspeak fam
CH a. rätschen fam
to turn tattle-tail Am usu childspeak fam
A a. tratschen fam

I . about-ˈturn Brit SUBST

1. about-turn esp MILIT (reversal):

2. about-turn (change of opinion):

II . about-ˈturn Brit VERBE intr MILIT

I . turn aside VERBE intr

sich akk [von etw dat ] abwenden a. fig

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